The Natural Default Setting

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

In an earlier message you addressed the natural default setting which is an instrument for peace. Any additional insights would be appreciated.

The energy system that is humankind is an instrument. This instrument has a default setting and that is the setting in which expression is not encumbered by anything, in which expression is pure and lively. It expresses life as is. Life as is, is good and benevolent and peaceful and harmonious and kind and joyful, etc. That is the natural default setting.

What do you mean by ‘encumbered’?

As people live their lives they may not always process each occurrence in the most beneficial way due to their specific level of understanding. As a consequence they will carry with them a residue of unprocessed information of which they are not aware. (If they were aware of it, their inner light would shine on it, offering them the opportunity to process it.) This unchecked information functions as a type of lens or filter through which new experiences are viewed, or, to put it differently, the unprocessed information colors their perception of life. These filters are veils, as they tend to obscure. They encumber the free exchange between a person and the world around them. When a person receives inner guidance or information from the Akasha, their personal veils filter the information. The Akasha will tailor make the information so that the person involved will benefit most. That is why there are so many seemingly different readings by mediums or psychics about the same topic, they all approach the same topic differently. Having said that, all works out for the best, for different approaches suit different segments of the population.

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