How to Become More Receptive to the Akashic Records

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

What would help me be more receptive to the Akashic Records?

Regular practice, relaying the information given. It is vital that you check in regularly. Once in a while is not going to cut it. This is a commitment that requires daily application for it to bear any fruit.

I often feel insecure and am afraid that insecurity may be blocking my receptivity. How can insecurity be released?

There is no need to doubt. When you stay close to your intuition, you will feel less inclined to keep up with the pace your environment sets for you. The way to resolve your insecurity is to practice your connection, to keep on reading spiritual material and to make sure the connection to your own inner guidance is vibrant and strong. And then apply what you have learned in daily life. That is your basis. The stronger it becomes the less insecure you’ll feel. It is all an integral and gradual process. It does not have divisions, it is all connected.

Gradually you will become more familiar with the process and more certain about the connection and what potential the messages that come through the connection have as you go along following the guidelines above. Think of other people who have relayed or are relaying messages from the Akasha, such as Edgar Cayce, or Abraham-Hicks. What they have done/are doing is in the same vein. They are opening themselves up as channels so that a broader vision may be shared within the framework of your lives lived here in this particular sphere. Anyone who offers themselves as a channel is welcome and will be ‘used’ so to speak by source. The better the person is able to get self out of the way, the better the message will come through, the less distorted the message will be. Distorted is perhaps too strong a term. Everyone has filters and any message that is relayed has to pass through these filters. The smaller the ego the fewer filters there are and the clearer the message is relayed.

And what about Byron Katie?

She works intuitively and being so well connected to her intuition, she is receptive to our promptings. Either way is fine.

As you are able to let go of past urges and are able to bring about balance in some of the issues taken on in this life, you will become more and more free. You will drop veil after veil and release filter after filter until you will be like a hollow reed through which the creative forces will blow their wind and play their notes. Eventually, your will will be free from stories and dramas and urges and will align itself, automatically, naturally, with divine will. The only thing that keeps a person’s will from not being free is their attachment to dynamics that hold their focus on their small self. As soon as these ties are cut the will is free of them and by nature will be an instrument for peace and love and harmony, for all the fruits of the spirit. And so it will be for you. Trust that when will is made free by the release of old issues it will know where to go.

When you are no longer tied to any issue , no longer attached to a specific outcome, you will naturally get to the default setting. The default setting being an instrument for peace and harmony and all things good and lovely. During the time when you are still being pulled here and there by dynamics that still have their hold on you, and have not yet allowed yourself full access to the dynamics of the default setting, the one tool that will help you keep an even keel is a spiritual ideal or intent, such as love, peace, harmony, justice, beauty, etc. Instead of being tossed and turned every which way by opposing or one-sided urges, working with a spiritual intent gives you focus. A consciously chosen spiritual intent offers a beacon on the horizon, a point on the horizon to fix your gaze on, no matter what the circumstances. And that focus will pull you through however turbulent the circumstances. Gradually, and quite naturally, you will be opening up to all aspects of the divine, like freedom, purity, perfection, etc. You will extend your palette to include more and more divine expressions. Rather than being a ship on a turbulent sea focusing on the light of the light tower in the distance, you are now approaching the harbor, you will gain light and soon will become a light tower yourself, pulling others in. No effort is needed, this will happen naturally.

Sjaak knoppen

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