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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, also called the Akasha, is another name for The Book of Life, an immaterial, universal log where records are being kept of everything that has been done, said or thought from the beginning of time till the present moment. Part of this body of information is every person’s own individual record. In days past only priests and oracles were believed to be able to access this storehouse of information. In the past century, however, more and more ‘lay’ people have been receiving guidance and information from the Akasha, for themselves as well as for others.

Anyone can access their own record, for it is an integral part of who they are. It takes proper preparation and a total reliance on intuition or inner guidance.

What type of questions work best? Questions that relate directly to your personal circumstances, to the life you are living right here, right now. The Akashic records stand at the ready to help. They are able to assist and support you in the present moment – not in the past or the future – with things that matter to you now.

Consulting the Akashic Records on your own

Can you consult your records on your own? Yes, you can! In fact, you are already continuously relying on the Akasha to navigate daily life on this planet. A sudden idea, an unexpected inspiration, an intuitive hunch… these are all examples of the Akasha being felt in tangible ways. However, it is possible to consciously and deliberately address the Akashic Records in order to retrieve information on issues currently on your mind. Read more about Consulting Your Own Akashic Records.

If you would like to first get a feel for how this process works, you could consider asking someone else to consult your records for you on a matter of concern to you. It is best to choose a person you know and trust or to get a referral from someone you trust. If you do not know anyone, please read on.

Blog, right menu: Akashic wisdom

The blog contains exchanges with the guardians of my Akashic Records on the basis of specific questions I asked. As the insights coming through have been of tremendous value to me personally, I decided to share them with you in this format. Click a recent post or a category of interest to you, or read about how I got started consulting the Akasha: here.

Click here for Thoughts on A Course in Miracles that follow the daily lessons in ACIM’s workbook (category: Thoughts on ACIM)

Exchange group

In June 2020 an exchange group got under way in which participants input helps direct the flow of information coming through. For more about this initiative write to me using the contact form.

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