contactHi there! Feel free to contact me and leave your questions and comments. I will get back with you soon. Please use the form below.

In case you would like to submit a question to the guardians of your Akashic Records, you can ask your question through me by using the contact form. In that case, please follow these guidelines:

  • Ask an open question that relates to your personal life, about something that matters to you personally. Do not ask a yes/no question.
  • Questions starting with “When…” will not yield the best results. Akashic information works best with the here and the now. This is not a divination tool.
  • State your everyday name as well as your full legal name, such as listed on your drivers license or passport. This is to make sure that the correct records are being opened.
  • Include the following statement: “I herewith give permission to Johanna of to consult my Akashic Records on my behalf.”
  • After having received your reading, and when you are satisfied with the transcript, you can make a donation if you feel so moved. Turn to Ask the Akasha Now for more details on how to do this.

That’s all there is to it! Thank you for contacting me.

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